Whispers Classic

60/90 min sessions | $240/$320

The Whispers Classic is our signature massage. Relax and surrender to the charms of your stunning masseuse, and feel the tension in your muscles melt away as her magic fingers soothe, heal and tantalize every part of your body. When you are in a state of complete rest, she will gradually guide you towards channelling your masculine energy, building your desire as she brings her body into harmony with yours. Enjoy the breathtaking crescendo before the final, unforgettable climax leaves you in a state of complete bliss. For new customers, a 90-minute session is recommended in order to ensure that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience without any pressure. For those in a hurry, an abbreviated 30-minute session is also available for $190.

Whispers Hush

60/90 min sessions | $300/400

For more advanced customers, Whispers Hush is an intimate and decadent experience that begins on a high note, ensuring that you will be fully liberated from any anxiety – so that you can calmly enjoy the rest of the classic Whispers experience without any pressure. Relax and allow your senses to take flight while your masseuse builds you up towards a second energetic peak, and watch in amazement as your body reacts in ways you never thought possible before surrendering to yet another inevitable, ecstatic finale.

Whispers Ecstasy

60/90 min sessions | $480/$640 | 2 Masseuses

Not for the faint of heart, the Whispers Ecstasy experience is designed for bona fide connoisseurs of pleasure. Savor the intimate caresses of two gorgeous masseuses as they integrate their movements to ensure no part of your body will be left unattended. Allow your imagination to take flight even as you immerse yourself in this unique and unparalleled fantasy voyage that will haunt your memories long after your session is over.

Whispers Couples

60/90 min sessions | $480/$640 | 2 Masseuses

Created especially for couples who would like to enjoy an extra memorable experience together, the Whispers Couples experience is intimate, tantalizing, and truly unforgettable. Famous for being able to strengthen bonds and ignite feelings of passion, this massage allows you and your partner to relax and savor intense feelings of pleasure without the need for pressure or anxiety. Surprise your significant other with this special treat, and carry on revisiting the throes of passion long into the night.

Scandalous Whispers

60/90 min sessions | $370/$480

For those who are inclined to a talking a walk on the darker side, Scandalous Whispers is a delightfully deviant experience that will titillate your senses. Receive your massage lightly bound and blindfolded, as your expertly skilled masseuse teases you with alternating does of deprivation and gratification. The entire experience is enjoyed in the receiving role only, and does not involve any dangerous activities.