Words to abide

  • No Sexual Services. Whispers is a massage service. We do not provide sexual services, and our masseuses are not prostitutes. Please treat your masseuse with respect at all times, and you will be rewarded with a much more enjoyable experience. Any direct or indirect sexual propositions, including but not limited to unwelcome touch, will result in your session being terminated immediately without refund. In addition, we reserve the right to press charges.
  • Grooming and Attire. Please be appropriately dressed and groomed upon the arrival of your masseuse. You may be asked to take a shower before your massage begins, and we would be grateful if you could comply with this request. This is so as to create the most pleasant experience possible for both you and your masseuse. For safety reasons, we do not serve clients who are obviously intoxicated on drugs or alcohol.
  • Payment Etiquette. Please have full payment prepared for your masseuse upon her arrival, and give her a moment to count the payment if necessary. This is so as to ensure that she can devote her fullest attention to you during the session. We prefer to avoid the awkwardness of having to ask for payment. Due to the discreet nature of our business, we prefer to accept payment in cash.
  • Tipping Etiquette. While tipping is not mandatory, our masseuses always appreciate a generous tip as a reward for a job well done – it provides them with motivation to carry on excelling at their work. In California in general, it is recommended that a tip of 17-22% of the total bill is provided, and up to 25-30% for exceptional service. You have the right not to tip if you believe that you received poor service.
  • Rejection. If you believe that the physical appearance or demeanor of your masseuse does not match our description, you may reject her within 5 minutes of arrival and request for a replacement. We ask that you pay a rejection fee of $60 to cover her time and transportation expenses in the event that you do so. We also ask that you convey your request as courteously as possible in order to avoid any unintended offence.
  • Assault and Abuse. Our masseuses have the right to work in a safe environment, free from assault, abuse, or threats. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any inappropriate conduct, and we will terminate the session immediately without providing you with a refund. We may also ban you permanently from using our services, pending an investigation. To avoid any unpleasantness, we ask that you treat your masseuse with civility and courtesy, and you can be sure that it will be fully reciprocated.